Thank you so much if you are able to donate to the scholarship fund. The fund is administered through the Calvert Foundation's Impact Assets Giving Fund and is invested in socially conscious causes. Your tax deductible donation will assure that the scholarship can continue to award a $500 scholarship each
year. Please stipulate the donation is for the Katherine Arnoldi Scholarship Fund for Teenage Mothers, number 286704. In order to donate go to

fThanks mom for allowing me to come to your graduation

Katherine Arnoldi Scholarship
for Teenage Mothers

mom studyingThe Katherine Arnoldi Scholarship Fund for Teenage Mothers gave its first scholarship award in 2006. Every year it gives a $500 scholarship to a teenage mother who has completed her first semester of college. The scholarship is awarded during the student's second semester. The first years the scholarship was awarded to a graduate of the Teenage Services Act's GED program (headed by Harriet Nieves). In 2012 it was awarded to a student at Concord University in southern West Virginia and for two years (2013 and 2014) it has been awarded to a student at John Jay College, City University of New York.The 2015 award will be awarded to a student at Bronx Community College, City University of New York.

tThank you for donating to help and inspire teenage mothers stay in college.

KaThe scholarship fund is set up with Calvert Foundation's Impact Assest program. The money can never be taken out of the fund except to give scholarships to non-profit eductional organizations and designated for teenage mother students. This fund, with the help of donations from generous people like you, will be giving scholarships forever.Scholarship Acct. ID 286704
Calvert Foundation

Thank you for your generosity.