Please Donate to the Scholarship fund for Teenage Mothers

Thanks, Mom for letting me come to your graduation from college

 The Katherine Arnoldi Scholarship Fund for Teenage Mothers has given a scholarship every year since 2006. In 2017 and 2018 a scholarship was awarded to a John Jay College student. Previous scholarships have been awarded at Concord University in West Virginia and through the TASA program in New York City.  The application process is handled by John Jay College Scholarship office and is only available to John Jay College Students. 

Katherine Arnoldi  donated the principle in 2006. The fund invests in socially conscious projects and gives the scholarship from the interest and principle. Now it is only able to give one $500 scholarship a year, but you can help. 

Donate to the fund

The fund is administrated by the Calvert Impact Assets Giving  Fund. The fund is irrevocable and will give a scholarship every year forever as long as there is money. If you donate we can increase the donations to another college. The next college to get the scholarship would be Bronx Community College, but if you want to recommend a college please let us know by the contact tab. If you would like to donate to the Katherine Arnoldi Scholarship Fund for Teenage Mothers so more colleges can give scholarships to teenage parents, please contact  Impact Assests at:

Phone: 1.855.482.2946

.For more about mothers on college campuses go to